Monday, January 24, 2011

thinking thin!

thinspo quote:
i cannot wait until i'm perfect, you'll be fucking sorry the next time you see me

daaay five?
oh. my. goodness. what a great day so far-despite the coldness. it's FREEZING here. this morning the weather said it was -49*C with the wind chill--what. the. fuck.
when i got back from volunteering i told K not to go outside. i don't want to go out again today. except i have to--sigh. if i want to stick to this gym thing then i got to bundle up and go outside and take that oh so short walk (which seems much longer) to the gym.
i feel thin today! have any of you ladies ever woke up feeling amazing? i seriously can't stop smiling. i can't wait to step on the scale at the gym. hopefully i won't get two depressed when i see the numbers--who knows maybe they might be good.
also, being thin is all i think about. every minute, every second of the day. god. i can't wait until i reach 100 pounds.
i was visiting M at the hospital yesterday. while i was there his new roommate had a heart attack and died. have you every seen anyone die? it's terrible. i hate hospitals.
--guess what!? i got two job offers, well they are just babysitting but still, i am so broke i'll do anything.
well, i am going to face the coldness and head to the gym, wish me luck!
-- julia :)


  1. i hate the cold as well its so cold here
    i hate hospitals as well

  2. -49°C?! Oh boooy, that's just too cold!

    I absolutely adore the feeling when you wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself... I just wish every single day was like that; but, as we say- not every day is Christmas, right? ;-)

    I'm so sorry about the roommate... I can't even imagine seeing someone die, it must be a terrible experience.

    Good luck tomorrow, sweetie, and stay strong!

    Lots of love,

  3. thanks.
    --i wish i could go some place warm right now. lie on breach and just relax. wouldn't that be nice?
    --i couldn't get to sleep last night. i was so happy, just like a child on christmas eve.
    --every one has a time to die right?

  4. shoot! i wuldnt suvive that temp, haha.
    nd yes, i've felt tht way b4 - only slightly different circumstances. Today i took a risk: i tried on my old jeans! I havnt been able to fit them for 3 or 4 months, and guess what? not only do i fit them, i have extra room!! im proud of myself; its one step closer to perfection