Wednesday, January 26, 2011

binged--when will i ever be thin?

thinspo quote-
don't wish for it, work for it.

daaaay seven , 
i fucking hate B. i hate her for making me go down to the cafeteria with her. i am never going in that place ever again. -- that should solve my problems with bingeing. i feel horrible. i can't believe i let you girls down. i was doing so so great. i hadn't eating anything until now. i could have made myself a salad, but no-- i went straight for the grill, getting myself a bacon cheeseburger and mozza sticks, as well as two cookies and ice cream--fuccccck! -- i feel so bad, i feel like i am letting all you ladies down :(
punishment -- FASTING! -- for the next two days. maybe even saturday too, have any of you ladies ever fasted for three days? -- no eat whatever i want day sunday. all i can have is a salad.
-- this weekend is going to be really really hard-- i'm probably going to TY's house. i always eat so much when i'm there. -- not anymore i guess haha.  i promise i'll try my hardest. i promise that if i have to eat i'll eat healthy or very very little. i will try very very very hard not to binge.
--back to B. i am un-best-friending her. i think i mentioned something to her about buying all my clothes a size to small, because she said 'if you keep buying them to small, soon you'll have no clothes to wear, and they would look good because you have a big chest'.
fuccck her. they will look good. i will be skinny--eventually. i will. i will. i'll show her. when i'm pretty and when she's a fat cow, i'll just laugh. laugh in her face--cause i'll have clothes that fit me when i'm thin. i won't have to worry about buying new ones.
blah. what a shitty day--
sorry i failed today.
bones are beautiful -- so starve on!



  1. lovely thinpso
    yes i have fasted for 3 days b4 longest is 7 days
    u did fail us hun we all have our bad days trust me on that one

  2. oppps meant didnt fail us sorry

  3. everything will be alright.
    You can do it.
    I love your blog!
    Stay Strong Girl,