Wednesday, January 19, 2011

first day, first post :)

thinspo quote :
i have control over myself.

day one :
i have control over myself. i can control what i can and can't eat. i can lose weight. ana is my friend. she's going to help me get pretty and thin.
i ordered clothes online yesterday. i ordered them all a size too small. so heres a tip for all you ana girls out there :
ANA TIP: buy clothing a size too small. that way you'll want to lose weight, so you can fit into your new clothing.
hopefully, by going to the gym and being on a water diet, i'll lose enough weight by the time they get here.
there's a saying that goes something like: we can do anything we put our minds too.
i CAN do this , so CAN you!
i believe in youu xx !
stay strong ana girls :)

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