Sunday, January 30, 2011

a new start

thinspo quote:
you can't be small, if you eat it all. 

daaay eleven!
-- i must of gained ten fucking pounds this weekend. ugh. i ate sooo much. i don't know why. i just ate.
this means i mustn't go to TY'S house on until after spring break. just like my thinspo quote today says:
you can't be small, if you eat it all. 
-- i went to walmart and bought a bunch of those 100 calories snack things. i love to snack, and when i am not fasting, instead of just binging all the time, if i eat one of the 100 calorie things, then i won't want to binge eat all the time, and it will control my amount of calories consumed.
- my 'thin drawer' is getting fuller, and i am getting fatter. -- not fun. i will never get to wear all the pretty spring clothes i have in there. i must not eat. i can't eat.
-- i need some inspiration. i don't think i can do this. it's so hard. i'll keep trying though.
-- sorry i've been gone so long. i haven't been feeling like posting cause i've been eating.
lots of love , stay strong
--- julia xoxo


  1. I know tomorrow will be a better day for you, hun. New week, new resolutions, new start!

    Good luck!
    Lots of love,


  2. tomm is always a new day hun just remember that

  3. So do yinz just try to not eat alot? or do you excersize too?

  4. @jay --
    i do both. i usually fast for a day, and then eat very little the next day or sometimes binge depending on how in control i am--i'm now starting a new fast, and adding the gym in twice a day. i always end up slacking on the gym part...i really dislike my university's gym.