Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i will not eat.

thinspo quote:
skip dinner and be thinner

daaay six!
--i skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner, so hopefully soon i'll be thinner!
helloo ladies,
k so, i'm waiting for A to skype me! i haven't talked to her in forever. i really miss my not annoying best friend. -- speaking of annoying best friends, B is really starting to piss me off. sometimes i wonder why i either bother to be friends with her. she makes me seem really dumb whenever we are out in public. ugh.
we took the bus home from the mall last night. we had to take one that we weren't used to taking because we didn't want to wait an hour for the one we usually take. B was all like 'omg, we are so going to get lost. if we don't make it home in time for my boyfriend to call me, i really hope we don't get lost.'  i said to myself you gotta be fucking kidding me, and told her i took the bus before and not to worry, we won't get lost. -- once on the bus she was like 'if this is the wrong bus, let me find our way home next time'
like seriously? she's fucking pissing me off.
*end of rant.
-- when we were at the mall i found out i had more money in my account than i thought i did, so i went shopping, also we went to go see Country Strong. -- it's an amazing movie! i cried so hard. ahahaha.
haven't eaten anything yet! woohoo! -- i also actually did some homework, but didn't get to the gym, oh well.
since i am buying clothes a size too small, i made a thin drawer in my dresser--for clothes and things such as make up and nail polish , that i can only use when i reach my goal weight. -- it's so going to be worth it when i get there.
also , one more thing, i made kind of a meal plan-- sundays are the day where i just binge. i can eat anything i want--as much as i want.
then, for the rest of the week, i fast and only eat veggies and fruit, and salad , and cottage cheese.
--if i find out i am gaining weight from sundays, i'll fast all seven days of the week.
sorry this post is sooo long!,
think thin, stay stong.
- julia .
here's some thinspo :


  1. i hav a friend who is just the same! she just goes on and on about herself and when shes talking about someone else its only cus shes dissing them.
    Anyway, love the thin spo and im a new follower of urs. I have a blog on pro ana too if ur interested <3 ^_^ gwd luck!

  2. thanks for commenting and following :)