Friday, January 21, 2011

still going strong :)

thinspo quote :
it's the moment you think you can't, that you realize you can!

daaaay two !
i haven't been happier ! today is going great so far :) i can't believe i have actually made it through the day without eating anything, just drinking a bottle of water! amazing...oh a guess what else: i went to the GYM today! woohoo! do you know what this means girls? i'm baacckkk! back on track. i believed i could do it and so can you!
i used to hate my university's gym but today wasn't so bad. i am slowly starting to guess used to the gym and machines. i did the elliptical for cardio. i went 30 minutes. tomorrow, it's running time. after the elliptical, i did 30 crunches on the mat, and 50 on the exercise ball :) tomorrow, i'll do 50 on both the mat and elliptical.
 i went to the school caf. i picked up a fruit cup and a veggie cup. if i have one pice of fruit in the morning, another for a morning snack, then a piece from the veggie cup for lunch, a piece for supper. that way, even though i am eating very little, my metabolism is still running :)
also, special thanks to my followers for all their support :) thanks for being there everyone! thanks for believing.
i can't believe i have 4 followers now! omg, that's so amazing.
love you all.
be strong, be safe... have a wonderful weekend :)

fat pictures. they always give me thinspiration...we don't want to turn up like these people--do we girls?
remember. please don't eat. think thin. we want to look like these girls :

i would do anything too look like these girls, would you ?


  1. Hey! Thanks for following! Seems like you've been really strong, I am happy for you:) Wow, you actually went to the gym without eating, damn girl! I'd be blacked out on the ground haha. Love your blog and stay strong.

    Lots of love,
    Abigail xox

  2. thanks so much :)
    going to the gym without eating isn't that bad. i used to go twice a day somethings without eating.