Tuesday, February 1, 2011

now i believe in me

thinspo quote:
Light as a feather floating on air, I want to be PERFECT barely there

daay thirteen 
 hello ladies,
hope all of you are staying strong, and doing as good as i am doing so far today!
-- i haven't eaten anything today! 
k so, that's totally a lie, i was volunteering at the day care center this morning. lunch time came around and my favourite kid there wouldn't eat his lunch, the day care worker thought maybe he would eat some chopped up cooked carrots. he didn't want to eat them, so i pretended to eat a carrot piece. he's a smart kid, and knew i didn't actually eat the carrot piece, so he asked me to eat it again. aha. -- other than that i haven't eaten anything. 
-- i am currently waiting for my nails to dry. i painted them green, to past the time. i haven't been to any of my classes today. i just didn't feel like going, plus my period started and i felt like shit. 
-- on that note, i have so much school work to catch up on, i always leave mine for the last minute. i have to read an 18 page chapter for one of my classes--i have a quiz on the chapter tomorrow. 
i also have a quiz on thursday in another class on chapters 1-4  in a different text book. plus i need to study for my beginners. 
-- i was talking to my dad last night, apparently when i called him, he was in dallas, texas-- at some basketball game. i asked him if i could get my weekly allowance he promised me in september, so i am not worried about having no money all the time. he asked me how much i wanted, and i wanted to be reasonable so i said 20 dollars. he decided on 30, but 35 this week, plus money to write my learners. -- hey, i'm not complaining.
don't give up! keep believing. 
ps, thanks for all the wonderful comments. where do you ladies reply to the comments on your blogs? should i keep commenting back in the comment box or should i comment on my next blog post. 
thinspo . as promised :) 



  1. lovely thinpso hun
    and kids are just so idk they alwasy caatch on to things
    stay stron ghun

  2. The top thinspo is awesome! So inspirational!

    (Personally I always think it's cool when people reply to comments in the end section of their next post - easier to find since you're reading it anyway)

  3. wow, i wish i was as strong as you! I've had around 500 calories today! i dont know HOW im going to work it off without falling asleep - i didn't sleep well last night.
    Anyway, yeah, kids are really smart; they figure everything owt.
    Stay strong <3