Monday, February 7, 2011


daaay something. maybe 18. 

hello ladies, and new followers :) -- im up to 20 now.
i remember starting this blog wondering who would want to read it.
i'm sorry that i have been lacking on posts. i never feel like posting when i binge. i feel like i am letting you all down.
-- all weekend i just wanted to eat. i probably gained five pounds this weekend. i re fuse to weigh myself. i am going to try my very hardest this week. i am going to fast for a few days, go to the gym as much as possible and then weigh myself at the end of the week to see if i've lose anything. it's impossible that i will lose 30 pounds between now and March 4th. i'm and going to try and lose as much as i can. i need inspiration. i don't have any right now. i want to give up, but i can't. i have to be thin. it's going to be worth it at the end. somedays are harder than others. i just gotta keep trying. i am not a QUITTER. We can't QUIT. We can do this.
-- i don't know if i like the new guy as much as i used to. i haven't slept with him yet even though i did sleepover at his house last weekend. this guy isn't the hottest guy on the planet. i just don't know anymore. when i lose all this weight and a hot guy comes along, and if me and new guy get together of course i am going to dump new guy for hot guy.
- long story short, basically i'm lost. i'm empty. i'm confused. i don't know what to do anymore.
somebody please heeeelllppp me!
<3 ---- J

Kirrari - Being stressed isn't fun at all! Thanks for the advisee-- i didn't eat anything at his house, instead when i came back to m y dorm, i binged all weekend.

remerta- i hate how there are some people who can eat anything they want and still be thin! it's not fair!

Toni- i'm not sure about the whole stress calorie thing, i'm going to look it up though! and i wish 30 pounds in 30 was easy to do!

Dani- i'm going to try that next time, if i end up having to eat at his house. we went to subway. i just ended up bingeing anyway. ugh.

haze- maybe 30 pounds is a bit too much, i'm going to try and lose as much of it as possible though!
thanks for following :)

AVY- yeah so true! i guess the big thing is finding yourself, and liking yourself before you can be truly satisfied.


  1. i envy the self control of not weighing yourself every day
    i tried to only weigh myself once every three days
    i didnt even make it the first day XD

  2. It is kinda weird to think about all these faceless people reading your inner thoughts lol I do get a kick out of each new follower though. Comments are the best though!

    I always find after a few heavy binge days I feel HUGE then after like two days you poop it out, and start to feel normal again so it wont last. Just take it easy and dont be too hard on yourself! Set yourself an acheivable goal though hun, then when you reach it you'll feel better than just never reaching "the impossible".

    Love the thinspo pictures, all shorts and summery. CANNOT WAIT to feel warm again !


  3. I have given up and let myself go more times than I can remember. Each time I give up is another failure that haunts me with each new attempt.
    But I am not going to quit this time.
    And neither are you.

    It's good that you aren't setting yourself such a strict goal for March the 4th.

    When you've lost your 30 pounds, we'll all celebrate with you.

    keep going and keep strong xoxo

  4. i love the thinpso pics hun
    and dont give u u just gotta keep going its just one bad day we all have them fuck i have many andmany bad days u just have to pick urself up and keep going