Wednesday, February 2, 2011

nightmares + more

thinspo quote:
don't you ever feel like if you were PRETTIER, things would be EAISER?

daaay fourteen? 
good-evening ladies :)
hope this month so far is treating you good! February is going to be and amazing month! I can just feel it.

-- i had the worst nightmare ever last night. long story short, we had to weigh our selves. I stepped onto the scale, and it read 162.9 pounds. fuccck! I woke up crying. -- The good thing though is that it gave me motivation today.
-- Whenever I am fasting, I always get hungry around this time, thus I binge and there goes all my hard work. Today, I decided to go into fasting slowly. When I woke up, I ate a rice cake. That has what? around 75 calories? Hopefully I am going to stay strong for the rest of the evening. I haven't been that hungry yet. I think it's working.
I got money from my dad today. If I have extra money left over from writing my beginners, I am going as the new guy to take me to the store so I can get some health food.
-- speaking of the new guy, guess what!? we are having a 'sleepover' Friday. :) i am so excited.
-- My bracelets came today! They are at TY's house right now. Her mom is going to drop them off to me sometime this weekend. Once says 'Believe' and the other one says 'Imagine'. I'm not going to TY's house this weekend-- so no food :)
-- today in class, we were talking about these people whose plan crashed and had to eat dead peoples bodies to survive, whenever i want food, i think i am going to think about this. i rather starve than eat a dead human being--gross.
All this fasting and not eating is going to be worth it in the end though
Stay Strong Ladies :) We can fight this battle together.
Found a bunch of amazing thinspo! :) ENJOY
- J

dani - kids can be so cute sometimes, i just have to give into them :) it was worth it to see him smile.
remerta- thanks for the tip :) and yees! i loved that top thinspo picture, it's one of my favourites as well. i'm glad you enjoyed it so much!
toni - 500 calories isn't that bad! most day's on my fasts i usually end up bingeing, but i'm going to change that. stay strong :)


  1. kids are amzing arent they
    great thinpso
    and ur braclets sound so pretty
    love rice cakes

  2. those bracelets swnd awesome :) Im hoping to fast for the weekend, but mums likely to stuff some dinner into me :(
    Anyway, good luk!