Tuesday, February 8, 2011

finally back on track!

thinspo quote:
i want

the size 0 jeans, 
sweat pants that hang on me, xsmall tee’s
, bruised visible hip bones
 that pale,  a cold tired face, 
the thigh gap
, collar bones sticking out

and everyone to stop and stare at me.

daay nineteen :) 
hello ladies! 
-- and new followers
wow, 23! i can't believe all of you actually enjoy reading my blog! also, thanks for all the supporting comment, they mean so much! and always make me feel better! 
so, as you ladies probably figured out, i am leaving comment responses at the end of my blog, after the thinspiration pictures. 
-- fasting. i'm fasting today. it's going amazing. i haven't eating anything and only drank a bottle of water. the first day of fasting is always the hardest. i always get super hungry around 4:00-5:00 ish. that's when i usually break my fast, and end up going for supper or i end up breaking my fast at around 10:00-11:00pm when i get cravings for snacks. 
-- last post i wasn't totally sure about new guy...but today i am. i really really really like him. i really hope something happens between us. i miss him whenever he isn't with me. 
anyway, so new guy weighs 127 pounds. fuuckkk! he weighs less than me. i really need to step up my game. i need to be at least 20 pounds less than him. 
also, i am not sure if i mentioned but new guy wants to do the whole valentines day thing. i used to hate valentines day, but if he's willing to plan it and buy me stuff, then i don't mind, except i have to get him something. i have no idea what to get him. i hate shopping for guys. 
and oh my god. new guy rescued me last night. i was lost and he saved me. 
heres the short version of the story: 
B wanted to go on an adventure, to the north side of the city. she just wanted to get off campus  and think cause she was stressed. she asked me to go, and me being stupid said yes. B decided she wasn't going to tell her boyfriend or anyone where she was going. she just basically wanted to get away. we ended up in the north side at a subway. i had no idea where we were. and B was having a freaking panic attack because she told her boyfriend we were on the north side, and her boyfriend got pissed for some reason and wanted to come get her, but he lives like 35 minutes outside the city and new guy was already coming to get us if we got lost. but her boyfriend decided to come anyway, and B  wouldn't let me drive back to campus with them, wtf? so i texted new guy and he saved me. i was so happy to see him, and then we kind of lost track of time and lets just say i have a huge hikki ;) on my neck :D
-- B's not coming back to school this week. She's staying at her boyfriends until she gets unstressed. that means i won't be so tempted to eat supper! :) 
-- some bad news, i carved the word failure into my wrist. i haven't cut since november. 
but ladies, my reason is a good one! -- hopefully by the time it fades i won't be a failure anymore! :) 

sorry for my post being so long! :) 
stay strong, and think thin
 ps. new guy just texted me!   
--- J 

Thinspo !!!!

 I love this one!, the before and after both actually look like the same person for once!
and, this is one of my favs, she's perfect. 

M - i don't have a scale-- so it makes things easier. i weigh myself at the gym. i don't go to the gym often if i am fasting cause i feel really weak. but, i am thinking of asking my parents for a scale when i go home on spring break! -- i wish i could weigh myself as much as i wanted to!

used for: glue - yeah you are so right! i am surprised theres people out there that actually wanna read my writing. i love getting comments! they really make my day. 
i've been pooping like crazy lately-- do you lose weigh when you poop? 
i can't want for warm weather. i can't wait to be thin. :)

reme- thanks for the inspiration! i'm not quitting this time. we are going to be thin a beautiful and i am going to do whatever it takes :) we can do this! 

dani- i just feel so horrible when i binge! (i think we all do) but it feels so good at that moment. i just need to get a little stronger. thanks! :) 


  1. im glad new guy is making you happy. and that was so nice of him to save you. :)

    awesome job on the fast. i failed mine today D:

    keep it up. you'll be thin i no time. :)

  2. ooh i see
    and im fasting too :)
    im on day 2
    hoping to make it past day three
    not sure how long im making it for though
    as long as i can last i suppose :)

  3. New Guy sounds like a real sweet heart and I'm so happy that he makes you so happy :)

    Good luck darling.
    Love Anafly

  4. wow new guy sounds nice. Fasting is difficult, it' a little easier when you are sick thou, at least for me.

    I'm sorry that you SI'd I haven't cut since November as well, but you just have to start again. Please stay safe and strong <3

  5. of coruse everyone feels gross after a binge
    im glad the new guy is working out fo ru yay for that