Friday, June 3, 2011

going home in a week!

in a week from tomorrow, I'll be back to counting calories and going to the gym twice a day, watching thinspiration on YouTube and looking through my thinspiration binder and of corse keeping the blog updated.
Right now I am at a mall waiting for my older cousin to finish work and come pick me up, sure I used to love the mall when I had a job and went with friends. Being here right now sucks. It's busy and I know nobody and have no money to spend on clothes. So basically there's nothing to do. I'm sitting alone in the food court with a bottle of water. My life is so sad fuck. The only good thing about sitting here right now is the hot guy that's sitting buy himself a few tables across from me. except of course I'm to ugly for him t notice me.
I'm thinking about getting a tumblur. Should I?
Think thin and stay sting girls ...
Hopefully your days are going better than mine!
Thanks for all the new followers as well!
-- j
ps sorry for the spelling errors ...


  1. Your not ugly your beautiful! You should go and talk to that guy, I bet he's checking you out! ;) stay strong, stay slim, stay beautiful <3

  2. i hate the mall i hate it htough cause i work in it and i spend to much time there