Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i want another tattoo...

k so, i went shopping with my mom today. 
i got
five different color cami's sizes xs to s 
a pair of shorts size 26
stripped tank top size s
and two pairs of flip flops 

only problem? i don't fit into any of the clothing items. reason? i'm too fat. my mom said i would never fit into any of the extra small shirts because my boobs will be too big. i'll show her. 
ugh, i want to be thin so bad. 
on the way to the gym tomorrow, i am going to buy some hydroxycut and see if the pills will help any. 

oh, i'm thinking about getting another tattoo. right now, i have three stars on my right wrist. i want to get another small tattoo on my left wrist. 
why? i'm not sure if i mentioned before in my other blogs, but i self harm. i cut mostly on my wrists, words, lines whatever. most of the words i write are hateful ones. so, i want to get a tattoo that covers them. and hopefully i won't want to cut as much. 
except, i'm not sure what to get. i don't know if i want words or a symbol something telling me to stay stong. i want whatever i get to be meaningful as well, so if anybody has any ideas of what i should get, please feel free to share it with me :)!
stay strong girls, 
-- J<3


  1. How exciting! A new tattoo?!?!?!? You will absolutely fit into them - it is only a matter of time :) We all believe in you!

  2. My name is Cami. lmao. I've always thought it was so funny that people referred to certain types of tanktops as Camis. Because it's my name. Imagine a tanktop being your name. "I bought 5 different Janes today." hahahah

    You'll be able to fit into them! Like Kat said, it's only a matter of time!

    Your tattoo should say something positive. "BEAUTIFUL" or "STRONG" would be good.