Saturday, June 4, 2011

six days til home!

hello girls :)!
and new followers...

i messed around with my layout a little bit, so hope you like it, i really do.

guess what?! only SIX more days until i'm home and back to starving myself. i'm so excited. hopefully this week will go quickly,,,
while driving to the mall today there was a huge thunderstorm, people thought it was a tornado except it wasn't.
this is what i bought at the mall today:
one pair of x-small spandex shorts from Forever 21
a pink and white stripped tank top size small from Forever 21
and a cute grey and black one shoulder dress type shirt size small from Forever 21
lastly a black water proof eyeliner from Sephora 
-- kay so maybe i got a bit excited because i'm a size medium almost a size large so there's no way the x-small spandex are going to fit me anytime soon or anything else for that matter, so that just gets me even more pumped to start starving myself.
-- J <3

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