Monday, April 18, 2011

fat, my birthday, i just want one thing.

i thought that maybe, just maybe if i didn't ask for anything for my birthday, i would get you. i also wished for you when i blew out my candles. can't you see i need you?
i don't believe in love, i don't believe in fairytales. you ruined me. 
soo i haven't blogged in like forever. i know know. i've been eating and being fucking fat. i'll probably come back to blogging in the summer full time when i'm home and not eating is easier to do. :)
so i'm sorry i haven't posted in awhile.
basically the last month of my life has been hell.
it consisted of losing my best friend at school, telling her that her boyfriend raped me, and having her not believe me.
realizing that D's been using me. except as much as i don't want anything to do with him something holding me onto him. he's all i think about and i keep thinking he's going to show up at his door choosing me, which i know isn't going to happen but basically i'm holding on to nothing.
it's exam week, so i should really be studying, i can't focus though because all i think about is D even after everything he put me through.
i just want school to be done, which it will be on thursday. and i just want to go home. i'm done with this shit.
-- keep fighting girls.
--- love, J <3


  1. hey my fellow canuck, im a new follower, im sorry you have been struggling so much, you must be very strong. hang in there xoxox

  2. sorry that ur firend didnt beleive u hun