Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my life is like one tree hill right now

thinspo quote:
don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

my life has been legit CRAZY the past two weeks. i'm so so sorry i haven't posted. to sum everything up, the past weeks have evolved boys heartbreak and binging and a bunch of crying. 
basically if you know the show one tree hill, then you know what my life has been like the past two weeks.
but if you don't here's a summary"
Haley and Nathan - B & G
Lucas - D
Payton - Me 
Brooke - D's girlfriend . 
Rachel - C (in my case, C is a guy.) 
basically everyone thinks C is using me. while i am head over heals in love with D, who is apparently testing me right now according to B's boyfriend G.  me and D are on break right now. until we can be friends. except i think i might be in love with D. and knowing i can't be with him is the hardest thing in my life right now and i don't want to be alone so i turned to D's best friend C. while C says he isn't using me, everyone else thinks he is.  all i want is to be with D. he's all i think about day and night. i like him so much is fucking hurts, and i am willing to do anything to be with him. so as of today i am back to counting calories and water fasting. i go home tomorrow and hopefully things will die out when i get back and D will have finally made up his mind about H. 
uggggh . fml. 
---- i dyed my hair last weekend... does it look alright ? :) 


  1. i love oth
    and yes it lookds cute

  2. I like your hair. And your blog. And your excellent thinspo.

    I just started a page, 'cos I'm starting a new plan. If you want to check in anytime, it's at

    Woh, your love life sounds complicated! Good luck with D. And stay strong, Sweetie.

  3. naw, wat a shambles! hopefully it will all settle down soon.
    Btw, ur hair looks great (first pic i've seen of u, ur gawjus <3)
    good luck with life


  4. i love it!
    im gonna dye my hair when i get to 105