Wednesday, May 9, 2012

new beginnings

i know, i know i haven't updated this blog in a thousand years but it's summer now and i've got nothing to do so that's going to change. i guess it's a new beginning, a new start. it's time for change. -- and that's exactly what my tattoo means---new beginnings, free,  & change. while i was vacationing, i got a second tattoo on my left wrist of two butterflies.
okay anyway, i don't know if anybody still reads my blog posts cause i haven't updated in forever. i've been using tumblr a lot this year but lately it's been starting to piss me off. so i'm going to start using both, i mean if people still want me to post blogs... do you?
i'm going to start at the gym tomorrow because yesterday i dropped a suit cause on my toe and cut open a toe nail. it hurt like fuck and i can't really walk on it ---- so i guess i'll just start tomorrow morning.
i decided to go back to working out because i have like only one friend here at home and half the time she is working and i have like nothing to do basically. my job doesn't start until the end of june so i'm stuck doing nothing and i don't want to be sitting around my house doing nothing which is what i'll be doing this summer anyway. so i'm going to transform this summer into a prettier, much skinner me. i know that i always say i wish i was thin and everything --- well guess news flash, you don't get thin by just wishing to be thin...you actually have to work for it....
if you want me to keep posting i guess just comment and let me know--- i'm not sure i am going to post if i have nobody wanting to read my blog --- but knowing me i'll probably will cause like i said, i have no friends here.
stay strong xo, --- J

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